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Whats your minecraft IGN: Xijakem

How old are you? I am 16

What rank do you have on the server? Thug

How many hours can you contribute to the server daily? On week days I can contribute 3-5 and on weekends 5-7
Have you been banned on any server before, if so why did you get banned? I have been banned on one server before and that server was mineplex, the reason I got banned is because I was using a hacked client (that was around 4 years ago).

Have you been staff before? Yes ive been staff on 3 small servers and 1 decently large server.

Why have you decided to apply for staff? I want to be staff because I just want to make the server a nicer place for all new and old players to enjoy without any toxicity being spread.

How can you help the server? Since I have a lot of experience as staff I can keep an eye on chat and be constantly watching for anyone using any form of hacks or macros.

Why should we pick you? I have many hours on the server and as of late I'm on even more than I was before so I will have more time than most to be watching the server and helping anyone who needs it.


1) You see someone say a homophobic remark in /m, what do you do? [if anything]: Unless the message is insulting the person using racial slurs or spamming the player it is being sent to watch /m to see if it escalates, but if it is including racial slurs or spam give the sender a warning mute and warn them to quit doing it.

2) You see someone abusing staff/player in /m, what do you do? [if anything]: If it is spam or something that is very offensive mute the sender.

3) You have recently muted a popular player on the server and the majority of player-base have called you a staff 'abuser' and starts harassing you. They continuously spam you in /msg, and somebody in chat is calling for help. What actions or comments would you make? [if any]: I would clear chat and turn off my messages and reply to the player answering their question or help them with their issue, but if it escalates to where even after chat clear I cannot see the question I would temp mute everyone spamming me for 1 minute each and answer the question.
Posted Mar 3, 18 · OP
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Posted Mar 9, 18