Whats your minecraft IGN: GirTheGiraffe

How old are you? Recently turned 15

What rank do you have on the server? Prospect

How many hours can you contribute to the server daily? 3-5? depending if weekday, 5-6 if weekend

Have you been banned on any server before, if so why did you get banned? Not any that I can remember. I'm sorry for the inconvience

Have you been staff before? on other servers yes, mostly on small servers

Why have you decided to apply for staff? To help further develop and help get more GTA in minecraft fans into the main server and staff team, so I decided to use my knowledge of servers like this to help servers like this

How can you help the server? in many ways! first of all, I am always lurking on discord in one way or another. Another way I can help is with my huge knowledge of GTA in minecraft. Another way I can help, is I have been trying to apply rules and explain them to new players, as staff I will still continue this, but in a more formal fashion!

Why should we pick you? that I have been the biggest newest person on the server and loved by pretty much all the players! I'm also super mature and have high play times already to this server! I'm also loved by many of the players and a owner of a huge killstreak which was ended, sadly.


1) You see someone say a homophobic remark in /m, what do you do? [if anything]: I would ignore it or either respond in a minor joke for example supermariofan45: insert homophobic response here girthegiraffe: dude. its 2018, grow up with the homophobic remarks. if it becomes spam, I will warn if it keeps on going, mute for 15M

2) You see someone abusing staff/player in /m, what do you do? [if anything]: Report it to one of the managers/owner (wenac) with SS evidence, I prefer gyazo or using my phone :p

3) You have recently muted a popular player on the server and the majority of player-base have called you a staff 'abuser' and starts harassing you. They continuously spam you in /msg, and somebody in chat is calling for help. What actions or comments would you make? [if any]: do /ignore of the other players and ask the player in chat what is wrong? if the players try to also be rude to the player, I will collect evidence then go back to ignoring them!