1. Do not argue with staff. They were chosen to be staff for a reason. If you have any questions about rules donít be afraid to ask the staff POLITELY. Staff disrespect will be punished relevantly by the relevant staff member.



Staff: Wenac stop soft advertising.

Wenac: What the hell staff. Shut the F*** Up. F*** U I wasnít advertising.


Staff: Wenac stop soft advertising.

Wenac: Sorry. Btw could u clarify what soft advertising is? Thanks :d

2. Advertising

- Players are not allowed to advertise other servers when playing on MC-GTA that includes saying the ip of another minecraft server as well as saying the name of another server. The punishment will range from a 5 minute mute to a ban depending on the severity of the advertisement

3. Threatening, blackmailing, Scamming are ALL not allowed. While minor offences like threatening will just result in a mute, the punishment for blackmailing or scamming can range from a mute to a permanent ban.

4. Chat abuse, spam, disrespect, racism, sexuality are all at the judgement of a staff member. Remember while a joke is fine, hurting or making fun of someone in a serious manner is NOT allowed and will NOT be tolerated. Also keep in mind, you are obligated to respect MC-GTA staff members and you are not allowed to joke about ANY of the rules.

5. Macroing, third party clients, modded clients, etc. are ALL not allowed. This includes anything that gives you an unfair advantage over another person. While performance enhancing mods are allowed like Optfine, mods or clients that give you a CLEAR AND UNFAIR advantage, like a mini-map, will not be tolerated and will result in a ban without warning.

6. Tp killing is not allowed.

6. Finally, use common sense. Staff members were chosen out of many that applied for a reason. A staff member will NEVER unfairly abuse his/her power or he/she will be dealt with accordingly. You can always trust a staff member in a trade or if you have any questions. Bottom line is, staff members are not there to hurt you. They are there to enhance and help everyone have a good time on MC-GTA. Keep in mind staff members are NOT allowed to help you personally gain any type of unfair advantage.

Scamming Policy

Scamming/Trading/Item protection

Rule: Scamming is NOT allowed on MC-GTA. The reason is we want to uphold a positive and scam-free, worry free, environment for our players. We do not allow scamming on the server as a general rule.

Although we do NOT allow scamming, there are things we cannot do anything about. These include but are NOT limited to:

Trading items for other server’s items. (Refer to advertisement rules)

Trading items for CsGo skins or other game items outside of Minecraft.

Trading items inside an unsafe place where another player could potentially disrupt the trade.

Remember these unprotected trades go either way so if someone tries to trade you other server items for items on MC-GTA, it will not be protected by the no-scam policy.

Remember, staff will try its best to uphold a scam-free environment but we are NOT perfect. Please record all trades and take screenshots as much as you can to prevent scamming and make the server consequences for scammer run smoother.

What to do if you are scammed.

If a staff member is on, FIRST post a scam report in the “report” section of the website. Afterwards /msg [staff member name] and tell him/her about the situation. Do NOT spam/caps/disrespect the staff member.

Ex. Right: /msg wenac Hay wenac, I just got scammed by RobertLucario9. I have evidence that I have posted on forums and I believe I have clear proof of the scam. Please help me.


/msg wenac Wenac u f****** staff member I just got f******* scammed. This b**** scammed me HELP ME NOW.

If a staff member is NOT online, post a scam report in the “report” section of the website. Then wait. Staff come on the server often and can contact the proper staff members to undo the damage.

Also remember not EVERY staff member has the authority to use commands to undo a scam. If a staff member lacks the proper permissions to undo the scam, he or she will contact the proper staff members to undo the scam. Be patient.

Bottom line is do NOT scam on MC-GTA. It is NOT allowed.

If a player loses any cheatcodes or tier 5 weapons they will not be able to get them back under any circumstances. To prevent losing these valuable weapons players should not /trade with other players in the pvp zone. Players should also not attempt to drop their item by clicking on it and dragging it out of their inventory because if they do that and die, the item will be lost forever.